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Roulette has been used since its invention, seen as the "King of Casino Games". This is due to the considerable margin that the game can bring and do not forget the glamour and allure that the game is associated. There are few casino games that have acquired. Such legendary status Those who regularly play roulette know that it can be. Particularly exciting game Once the croupier the ball in the opposite direction of the roulette wheel spins, all players begin to hope that the ball falls into their predicted number (s).

There is in almost every casino huge crowds around roulette tables. Where the game could be played only once in physical occasions you now from your desktop, laptop or mobile access to this game. You can play Roulette at the following online casinos and also receive a fantastic bonus.

Roulette games is exciting, fun and can be hugely profitable. Where, however, you all play this game and what is the difference between live and online roulette. The game was offered for the first time around 1976 in Holland Casino. Since the mid-90s, when the first internet casinos were established, more and more people have access to online roulette. In Holland Casino Savour the version of this game. This may be taken by hand directly to the tables place. There are also cabinets which are connected to the tables.

You can place a bet without compromise, while turning the ball can see. Using a camera Furthermore, you can also play roulette at the thousands of gambling halls throughout the Netherlands. This is however to automated roulette with a low minimum bet. Moreover, this version is not 100% random, as is the case at Holland Casino and online casinos. Results are subject to the payment rate is determined by the Law on Games of Chance. This payout ratio is unfortunately not match the actual rate of 97.30%. The best they can therefore be compared to a slot machine, where the payout ratio is around 85%.

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