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Once you win a price below you have the option to double this by choosing, before you decide to play up. Before heads or tails On an average slot machine like the Old timer, you can win a few hundred dollars with a little luck. In online slots prices you can win up to run in the millions. In this view, online slots a better option to take a win.  The principle of a slot machine is ever in 1891 by Littman and Pitt conceived in New York, Brooklyn.

This was much like the poker game because the cards had the function of a symbol. As a full deck consisted of 52 cards and there were only three roles, they decided to pick. The jack of hearts and spades ten out However, this machine was quite noisy and also easy to manipulate. Only in 1895 was, according to many, once the "first real slot machine" developed by Charles Fey in San Francisco.

This was called the "Liberty Bell" and was equipped with three reels with various symbols. In addition, it possessed a handle and a pay table, as well as a slot for money to throw. Charles Fey decided his job shortly thereafter in order subsequently to concentrate full time. On creating machines Early 20th century, the Mills Novelty Company also focused on developing slots. They carried a lot of improvements, making the general public also got interested.

They had the slot machine in 1910, namely feature 10 new symbols per reel and further they were lighter and less expensive. In 1930 there were more improvements. They made less noise and offered the players more options. Thanks to modern decoration appearance was also a lot more modern. In the 40 casinos in Las Vegas also began to operate slot machines. Despite these slots were still fairly primitive. Only in 1964 they received thanks Bally an electronic chip, which is the final result of each spin some.
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