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Dice Games
Dice is the most stylish, but also the casino game with the highest threshold, because the rules seem rather complicated. Craps is the only dice game that is played in a casino and is not to be found. However, everyone knows the famous casinos precision dice with weighted points. In movies you often see crap tables with their always authentic casino feel. Dice games are the oldest games in the world.

Already in the ancient Persian civilization board games with dice-like species were played. The game Craps then probably from the Middle East and eventually ended up with a long evolution in the casino. The current Crap Table and the ability to bet on the losing dice was designed by John Winn

Crpas is played with a long table with the game layout. There may be any number of people participating in the game all play individually against the dealer (at the bank) or against the shooter. Each participating player can take turns being the "shooter", the player who throws the dice. The turn of the "shooter" is the game passed to the left. The turn of the "shooter" is when he throws seven. (Except for the first pitch "come out roll" is mentioned.

The craps table is a long, deep rectangular table with high vertical walls with the entire surface of the game layout. All deployment options are shown in the table. It looks complicated and complicated, but that's because all the betting opportunities arise twice. In a real casino craps table, there are a three croupiers at the table. Two are responsible for the payments and payouts. The third is called the croupier stickman. He is responsible for the dice and the progress and speed of the game. Then there is a supervisor at the table which is called the boxman.

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